Why I Started My Fitness Journey

By Ta'yarah

People have this concept that you have to be extra thin or skinny to be healthy or beautiful, when that is not always true. Some of us have issues with how we feel with the extra weight on but, we won’t make the time to eat healthier foods or exercise at home or at the gym. I started my fitnes journey because I didn’t feel comfortable wearing 👗 dresses and some of my jeans👖. I would do the dance or the jump to fit in them jeans; while detesting the love handles and stomach bulge I have. Don’t forget the fat jokes from friends and family you would laugh with them, but feel bad about it later. Have them late night cravings or feel sorry for yourself cravings. Some of us have jobs that require us to sit seven and a half hours per day, hence all we do is sit eat, sit and eat some more. There are days when all you eat is chocolate, dounut, candy, fast food and an all time favorite soda. Skip breakfast and lunch but overeat at dinner and it’s nothing healthy. After walking up 13 steps to my apartment I was out of breath. That’s when I decided I’ve had It with the food, the comments and the clothes I had to do something. I started my fitness journey on May 2021  with a friend and I never gave up working out since.
    I Know you’re busy with your job, family, everyday activities and especially your kids. You ever wonder why you keep putting on weight it? Sure looks good on you, some in good places  but somehow it seems to go in all the wrong places too? Especially that tummy of yours, and you wish it all away but you still continue to eat all the wrong things with little to no excercise or consideration of what you are eating. Try all the diets and diet foods and drink out there but it can’t seem to stay off infact you put on more weight?
There are lot of contributing factors why we may put on weight. A few of  them according to doctors and researchers are:
*Lack of physical activity (exercising)
*Not getting enough sleep or rest
*Hormonal problems
*Hereditary factors
 and the list can go on. It’s hard as it is already out there trying to keep up with the latest fashion and beauty trends but not with the latest workout plan eating healthier and feeling better….yea I’m talking to you sucking your teeth and rolling your eyes. I’m no doctor but here are 6 easy steps you can take to start excersing.
* Ask yourself a few questions and write them down. Why should I start excersing? How will it impact me or my overall health? What are my goals and how can I reach them? What do I need to change whether it be your eating habits or physical activity.
* Talk with your doctor and get a full body examination to make sure it is safe for you to start excersing or working out to prevent any unwanted injuries.
* Join a gym or set an at home workout plan. If you are unsure of where to begin you can join a gym or start working out at home. Get a personal or fitness trainer for a while if you think that is best. Workout with a friend or a partner to feel motivated.  Exercising takes a lot of discipline because when u just start off you won’t always feel motivated. But think of the rewards and benefits you are reaping.
*Start off slowly and then gradually increase your repetition and minutes when working out. Overtime you will surprise yourself and the rewards you reap will be great. You do not want to over exert yourself to cause pain or injury. implement more fruits, protein and veggies in your everyday diet and most importantly drink 6 to 8 glasses of water everyday don’t forget to sleep sleep sleep.
*Find the best workout or excerises that works for you…we are always told that HIIT high interval exercises are the best but not everyone is equip to do such exercises ( Eveybody’s body is different). Find something that you enjoy whether it be HIIT cardio, low impact cardio, yoga, strength training (lifting weights or body weight excersing) dancing or aerobic workout, walking or jogging. N.B Lifting weights will allow your body to burn calories even when Your body is at rest.
* Don’t forget allow your body time to recover from working out.

get uup off that ciuch and put those arms legs tummy back and brain to work